Many Features of Escalator Supplier Fujihd

We (the professional Escalator Supplier) FUJIHD installs thousands of elevators each year. Our aim is to ensure that our installation services are carried out in an eco-efficient way. With a full set of advanced manufacturing and processing equipments,as well as perfect testing instruments, the professional elevator company fujihd fully introduces the most advanced elevator control technology in the world to ensure the product technology to be with the industry-leading level. The products...

Features of K Span Roll Forming Machine

Forming Machine theory is more complicated, and now the theory is not very mature, one of the most common methods is to simplify the analytical method. Simplified analytical method will be transverse and longitudinal bending bending deformation were analyzed, of which transverse bending deformation elastic-plastic theory and pure bending theory for analysis, while the strip as longitudinal deformation elastic-plastic shell analysis. Some foreign institutions studied the single roll and...

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