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Different varieties of rice relate to paddy husker performance

To determine some physical and mechanical properties of three different varieties of rice that relate to paddy husker performance; To evaluate the dynamic flow of paddy rice in a paddy husker and the effect of the impeller speed and liner type on the husking performance; and to develop empirical relations between performance and operation parameters based on Weibull's distribution function and thus optimize the husking performance.

Milling generally refers to the reduction of food grains into various products like meal, flour, splitted products. It can also defined as the process of breaking down, separating, sizing, or classifying aggregate material. In wheat milling, it is referred to as the process by which wheat is ground into flour. Separating the wheat grain into its constituents (bran, germ and endosperm). In the rice industry, Milling is referred to as the overall operations in a rice mill i.e. cleaning, dehusking, paddy separation, bran removal and grading of milled rice. It is a crucial step in post-production of rice.

A screen and rotor assembly for a grain husking, decorticating, polishing and whitening machine, and including an abrading screen supported by a screen holder, and an abrading rotor concentrically arranged within the abrading screen. The spacing between working surfaces of the abrading screen and the abrading rotor is maintained at a constant value, despite wear of the abrading surfaces thereof, by a plurality of axially extending channels in the screen holder for housing a corresponding plurality of abrading members such that the abrading members in turn support the edges of a plurality of alternate screen members located between each pair of consecutive channels, the channels being provided with a plurality of adjustable fasteners for holding the abrading members and for adjusting the radial position thereof. A pair of axially extending grooves is formed on the rotor means, each groove housing an abrading insert and being provided with adjustable fasteners for holding the inserts and for adjusting the radial position thereof, whereby regardless of wear the spacing between the abrading members and the abrading inserts can be maintained at a constant value.

paddy separator is providedat the longitudinal sides, under the table, with vertical screws by turning which, after loosening the set screws, the inclination of thetable can be altered as required, whereupon the set screws are again tightened. The adjustment of the table is, therefore, a fairly complicated one. It is necessary first of all to loosen the set screws, then to adjust theset screws distributed at both longitudinal' sides of the table, and finally to tighten again thesingleset screws. The miller has of these setscrews to the other around the whole of the table, whichtakes a great deal of time, as the table for lar e machines is three meters long, or even stil longer. The securing after the adjustment is also effected no longer byfixing the separate screws, but byti'ghtening one single screw.

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