Paddy cleaner is used for a wide range of applications

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paddy cleaner is used for a wide range of applications such as removing large impurities like stick, buck and leaves and are also used for removing fine dirt and sand from products in seed cleaning plants and seed processing plants. They incorporate two vibrating screens where the top screen performs the function of removing oversize material and the bottom screen removes fine dirt and sand. There are vibratory motors that are mounted in the center for vibration of the deck containing the screens. There are four hollow rubber springs on which the vibrating deck is mounted. This ensures that the vibration of the machine frame are reduced to a minimum. A swing down type door is also provided to ease change or cleaning of screens.

The important utilities in a rice mill are water, air, steam, electricity and labour. In a rice mill some of the operations are done manually namely, cleaning, sun drying, feeding paddy to the bucket elevators, weighing and packaging, etc. So the man-hours are also included in energy accounting. Water is used for soaking and steam generation. Electricity is the main energy source for these rice mills and is imported form the state electricity board grids. Electricity is used to run motors, pumps, blowers, conveyors, fans, lights, etc. The variations in the consumption rate of energy through the use of utilities during processing must also accounted for final cost of the finished product.

The grain’s bulk density, true density, and porosity is useful in sizing grain hoppers, storage facilities, and affects mass and heat transfer rates of moisture during aeration and drying processes. The ratio of the inter-granular void space volume and bulk volume of grain is porosity. Physical properties of plant and animal materials includes the voids within and among the particles. Drying of a grain bed with low porosity increases the water vapor escape resistance that can be overcome using higher power to drive the aeration fans. Some physical properties of rice seed. The differences between specific gravity and bulk density of the grain is the principle used for gravity cleaning of paddy separators to separate materials that have little difference in size and total mass. Principles and practices of rice production.

rice destoner is specifically designed for treatment of malting barley, seed grain and all other seed varieties. They are employed mainly for de-awning of barley, breaking clusters of beet seed and for surface polishing of grains and vegetable seeds thereby improving the appearance and increasing the bushel weight. Capacity up to 60 t/h. The Brush Machines are suitable for handling grass seeds and clovers, and separating double grasses. It is likewise used for removing the hairy tails from the germ end of oats. Capacity up to 4 t/h.

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