The paddy cleaner is for cleaning foreign matters and dust

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The paddy cleaner is for cleaning foreign matters and dust
The paddy cleaner or rice cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning equipment for cleaning foreign matters and dust with larger gravity than that of corn. During working, dust and light foreign matters will be absorbed by the fan. For millet and foreign matters with larger gravity than that of corn, as they have different gravity and suspending speed, under the fan’s function of inhale air, upper airflow will be generated on the scale-typed sieve plate of removing stone; Due to the function of airflow, millets will be suspended and stones will be submerged on the surface of sieve; Under the function of sieve plate with directional deflection and advance and return movement, stones will move upwards and be removed from the outlet of stones; and grains will move downwards under the function of self-gravity and flows from the fee outlet.


An energy meter will be used to measure power requirement of prime mower. During half hour run period, the appropriate volume of samples will be collected three times at equal interval of clean grain outlet and straw outlet. From the analysis of samples and sampling time feed rate, cleaning efficiency of winnower calculated. The effect of three feed rates on different parameters like cleaning efficiency, output capacity of winnower also determined.

There are two types of rotary cleaner: Single drum with aspirator and oscillation sieve. The single drum aspirator utilizes a single drum to separate large, light and heavy impurities. Lighter impurities are separated by suction aspiration and the oscillation sieves separate heavier impurities such as sand; Double drums with aspirator. This machine has two rotation drums with each drum having a different size hole on the wire mesh. It utilizes an aspirator to separate light impurities. This machine is typically used for cleaning freshly harvest paddy.

rice destoner main features: 1.Nice effects of grading stone-relieving and low energy consumption; 2.Non-dust spreading, low noise and stable operation; 3.Uses double electrical machine vibration of high production efficiency; 4.Suitable for stone relieving of unhusked rice, wheat and corns after cleaning.

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